Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Year Gotcha Day!

Hi Everyone,

Today is our second aniversary of gotcha day. We call it Family day and Ella couldn't be happier. Family day includes one special activity for us, and since it is the favorite thing in the world for Ella to get her nails done, we were off to the nail shop tonight for some spcial flower nails. Looking back it is amazing to see how far we have come as a family and how truly blessed we have been. Ella is just the most joyful, happy little soul who has the kindest heart! I am the luckiest Mom in the world! :) Reading the posts from some of the other Mom's who celebrated Gotch Day today with us, it is clear that each of us has the daughter/son we were meant to have. I cannot imagine my life without Ella and I am beyond thankful to Ella's birth family for giving me the opportunity to raise this amazing child. When I look back at all the work we did to make it to this day I am ever thankful to my siblings, parents and dear friends who listened, cheered, cried and celebrated with us over the past few years. Thank you for all your support and we love you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"I want to go home......I don't want to go home!"

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure how to sum up the last few weeks except to say it has been anything but predictable. Work for me has been incredibly busy, but I am actually enjoying the neck breaking pace and having new products to learn. That said, it seems that my little one is going through some major attachment issues and seems to be coming out on the healthy side. Last week-end after spending a wonderful day at dance class and a birthday party, Ella started telling me about all the great things she was going to show me when we went back to China. She wanted to show me her school and her boys and girls and her beautiful bathroom. (She tends to fantasize about parts of her past which is normal for these kidos). After she finished telling me all the things we were going to do, I said it will be wonderful to meet all of her China friends, and we would have some great pictures to share with her new friends when we came home. Unfortunately, Ella had no plans of coming home and we had a bit of a rough week-end processing her new life. Fast forward to yesterday, and Ella had a birthday party at one of her friends houses. This little friend is currently taking Mandarin classes from a tutor, and the tutor actually came to the party. Since we had talked about Ella joining the tutoring lessons, it was nice to meet the teacher and see how Ella would respond. Although she didn't talk to her at first, she enjoyed the "silly" teacher and by the end of the party, Ella was writing her name in Chinese characters and talking with the teacher and saying she would like to come to classes. As we were leaving, Ella became very quiet and started to cry, and I thought we were headed for another discussion about "going back home" but instead my little one began sobbing that she never wanted to go back to China and wanted to stay with Mommy forever! We then talked about her new family and how this was forever and I would never let anyone take her away and she said "I love my family so much". I am so happy for Ella and only wished I had someone speak at length to her in Mandarin a month ago! jk. I know we have many stages of attachment to still complete but I am so thankful and happy that she is moving through her grief and headed towards understanding that it is safe to trust and love her new family. Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday week and hope you are able to spend some quality time with your families. LUV

Monday, November 9, 2009

Does Zach have an ass?

Hi Everyone,

Well as good as I am at understanding my daughter's English, I have to admit that I was clueless today when she shouted out loud "Does Zach have an ass?". This of course was done loudly and publicly at our local grocery store tonight after we met one our neighbor boys Zach who is a bagger at the store. I had to repeat her question and then of course ask her were she learned that word, and she said "You know, like a snake". Oh, of course, does Zach have an S. Not ass. :) I love that she is trying to spell out words and look forward to many more laugh out loud moments. Ella received a really neat princess tent from her Aunt Kristi and Uncle Chuck and has pretty much been living in it every chance she gets. Unfortunately, Harley would also like to move in! Ah, the adjustments continue for little miss Harley. Some more pics from the week-end and tent living. Wishing you all a great week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Walking Dead....

Hi Everyone,

What a birthday celebration for Ella! After battling the flu and then bilateral ear infections for the past week, I am so thankful my entire family came in to help with Ella's first American birthday celebration. I am not sure what I would have done without all the help! Ella's b-day started with a before dawn wake-up due to anticipation and excitement for her special day. The joy on her face when she saw the streamers on her door and her first birthday present waiting for her was just amazing. The day from then on was pretty much a big blur. I am happy to say that despite a Mom who could hardly hear, an Aunt with laryngitis, a Grandpa with a sore back aka the walking dead, we pulled off a pretty fun party. Although, it was the first time I thought that two hours would never end....:)! After having gone to a birthday party in at a jumping castle warehouse, Ella requested a Princess Jumping Castle for her party. Once I found the only park in our city that would allow jumping castles, I decided to book the ramada and reserve the castle. We invited all of Ella's classmates and had a pretty great turn-out with her cousins also attending with 24 kids total. We had a minor castle disaster ten minutes before the party after the castle man had left when we looked over and the entire castle had collapsed. Frantic calls without successfully reaching anyone forced us to come up with plan B which was to have Aunt Julie tape up the gaping hole with duct tape. A half of roll later and we were back in business ready for the jumping fun to begin. Ella had a wonderful time and is already asking when her birthday will come again. Ha. Her birthday theme was everything princess of course and even her cupcakes were snow white appropriate. Since Ella says she is seven, we had a China seven birthday cupcake and an American sixth birthday cupcake to celebrate and this made Ella all the more happy. Today after we had a quiet house again and Ella was headed to bed, she said "I have such a big family" and I told her we all love her very much and she said "I love my family". Doesn't get better than that! Wishing you all the best!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Hi Everyone,

Well Ella has had a very busy couple of days full of fun. On Friday they celebrated All Saints day at school and unfortunately, Mom did not receive the memo on dressing up as a saint, so on Thursday as I am dropping Ella off for school I notice other Moms talking about the parade and dressing up. Fortunately, the options were to dress as a saint, Mary or an angel. A quick visit to the Savers store and we had a full Angel outfit ready to go. (pic) Ella had so much fun on Friday with the parade and activities that she pretty much passed out on our way home while she was eating her snack! (pic) Saturday was a "bery bery busy day" according to Ella and I completely agree! We started our day with our tumble and dance class that Ella continues to love and is really thriving in the dance portion. After our dance class, we hurried home to get ready for Halloween and a visit from Aunt Marianne and Grandma and Grandpa who all came over to celebrate the evening. Ella was very excited to dress up as Snow White since we were actually going to do her hair and wear make-up like Snow White. I think the transformation was pretty adorable and she certainly received many "you look just like Snow White" comments from our neighbors. It was really fun to see Ella enjoy the evening and after two houses, she pretty much got the ring the doorbell, say thank-you and get candy routine down!Ella's Aunt Marianne dressed up for the evening and at first Ella didn't want anything to do with her but realized after Aunt Marianne talked to her and took her drag queen wig off that everything was ok. Unfortunately, Mom's costume as a witch didn't go over so good, and I had to quickly take off the costume to avoid a total melt down! :) We had a great evening as the weather was perfect and a full moon to light our way. Hoping you all had a wonderful week-end!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"My head is no working"

Hi Everyone,

Quick post to share that my daughter says the most adorable things!! I was really late picking her up from school today because my battery died and I was working in Casa Grande. So, by the time I did pick her up, it was actually freezing outside but there is my daughter in her jumper, NO sweater, swinging away on the swings laughing and having a great time. When she runs up to me to say hello, her hands and nose are freezing and I ask her where is her sweater? She says "Oh no, I don't know". I asked her if she left it inside and she says yes, "My head is no working". Hmmm, I might just have to remember that line the next time I forget to do something! :) Ella really is doing just great and she gets to dress up as an Angel on Friday for All Saints day which she is sooo excited to do. I am still working on figuring out how to make her hair look like snow whites for Halloween but have the lipstick and bow set. Pics of Ella tonight being silly, her favorite princess pumpkin and her annoyed puppy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Week Down....

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all have had a great week. Ella and I had our usual busy week of school and work but happily had a three day week-end due to teachers conferences at Ella's school. We took advantage of the extra day and headed to Phoenix to visit with our Uncle Chuck and Aunt Kristi and cousin's Charlie and Liam for the day. We had a great time playing at this amazing park in Chandler and Ella was able to swing to her hearts content. The only thing that made the day more fun was that we were headed to Aunt Marianne's house for the night. Ella of course was besides herself to see her Aunt Marianne and happily ran and gave her a huge hug! What a great gift and it was really amazing to see her spontaneous physical show of affection. In fact, Ella started calling me Mommy this week. At first, I couldn't figure out what she was saying, and then once I did, I wondered if she was just trying it out because it is a term I have never used with her. I figure she must have learned this from school from the other kids and has decided that this is the name she will use for me. (Works for me since ungh and hey are beyond annoying at this point!) At lunch today she announced that she had two Mommies and I am so happy that she has finally begun to feel that safety and security that I have been trying so hard to instill in my little one. Ella had another first this week-end when she lost her first tooth!! She was so excited since she loves all things fairy and knew that since she had lost her tooth, the tooth fairy would come and visit. Unfortunately, when nighttime came, the excitement and anticipation turned quickly to fear and Ella didn't want anything to do with the tooth fairy. After waking up three times crying, Mom finally told her that the fairy had already came and left her a silver dollar. Much happier and one silver dollar richer, Ella fell asleep and slept through the night. Today we carved our first pumpkin and Ella insisted that we make a princess face on her pumpkin. She was very happy when it was done, and was amazed when I put the candle inside. I am not sure Ella has ever blown out a candle, because she had no idea what to do and wanted to try it again and again! Our week-end ended with a lovely dinner at her Grandma and Grandpa's house where Ella was able to meet my Aunt T., Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob. Ella was very excited to show off her missing tooth and also demonstrate her new jumping rope talent. She is up to 21 jumps! Pics of our week-end...